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More of My Skill Sets
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My Photography Portfolio

About Me

I have worked in graphic design/Web design for for close to 20 years now. I have over a decade of experience with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, along with WordPress and several other professional programs. I have done just about every type of design imagined. I started off designing for small event promotions, then bigger events, then moved up to magazines shortly after, and eventually ended up designing for a lot of fashion industries, celebrities, portfolios, fashion shows, modeling agencies, big company digital ads and print campaigns.

I was born in 1984 with a passion to succeed. I graduated High School at the age of 17 in Houston Tx. I then furthered my education attending Media Tech. Institute in 2003, and became a certified Audio Engineer. Shortly after that, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 2010. I then decided to sharpen my technical skills and enrolled in hands-on Tv production & Live broadcasting classes at a local cable Tv station (Houston Media Source). I completed several classes there such as Lighting & Sound Techniques, Advanced Camera & Tv Production, Live Broadcasting, Editing, and Media Literacy. I then became a certified Tv producer for HMSTV leading me to work on my own Tv show and projects. I was recognized as the first Hispanic photographer to have local cable Tv shows in multiple cities airing at the same time.

Since then I held different positions such as Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Studio Manager, Photographer, Marketing/ Advertising, and Creative Director. I have had the opportunity to work with several magazines, Realtors, Brokers, websites, blogs, Tv shows, Radio shows, musicians, celebrities, models, fashion designers, boutiques, doctors, plastic surgeons, law firms, & business owners. I also played the role in coordinating many big events such as, fashion shows, media/ brand release parties, classes, charity events, art shows, networking mixers, celebrity booking, and more. I am also the founder of Stunner Studios (highly recognized photo & video studio) in Houston Tx.